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Underlayment and Insulation



R Value


UP = 6.8

Down = 15.2

Horizontal = 8.5


Fire Retardant Poly Barrier 
Double Bubble Reflective Insulation is a durable layer of polyethylene bubbles bonded to - and 
sandwiched between - two highly reflective surfaces, or a reflective surface and a white polyethylene 

Double Bubble is specifically designed for applications that require code compliance for exposed 
insulation. This product meets Class 1 / Class A fire standards with ASTM E84, and conforms to the 
requirements of the NFPA full-room burn test.

Recommended for:
Metal Buildings; Mini Storage; Pre-Fab Buildings; Exposed Applications

Fire retardant design and compostion
Resists flame spread and smoke development
High strength polyethylene and radiant barrier structure
Rodent, bacteria,, and fungi resistant

 Double Bubble Metal Roofing Insulation


Don't install a metal roof without insulating it - You'll experience excessive heat, cold and water! 

The sun's rays on the metal roof transfers radiant heat inside making it unbearably hot and humid inside the building during summer months.

Cold winter temperatures on the metal roof turns the sheeting cold. The cold sheeting creates the effect of an ice box making it even colder inside the building than outside.

Metal roof condensation - It can seem like a tropical rain forest at times inside an unprotected metal roof. A temperature difference between the outside and the inside your building will create condensation (dripping on the sheeting) - Similar to what happens when you leave a cold can of beer outside on a summer day. 

Double bubble:

- Not affected by humidity or condensation.
- Won't collapse, compress or disintegrate.
- Easy & Safe to install. No protective garments necessary.
- Resistant to bacteria and fungi.
- CLASS A/ CLASS 1 fire rating.
- The Number One Brand with Construction, HVAC and Metal & Post Frame Building 

Meets ASTM E84 Class 1 / Class A
Conforms to NFPA 286 full room burn test
Durable and long lasting
Will not rot or promote mildew
Will not absorb water
Will not de-laminate
Neat and attractive seamless finish
Brightens building interior
Easy to clean
Saves time and labor
Ensures a continuous vapor and condensation barrier
Allows for ease of installation 

Advantages of a metal roof:

Light Weight.
Design flexibility
Energy efficiency
Fire and spark resistant.
Metal is readily recyclable.
Long Lasting Roof Material
Labor efficient


Better than Felt paper. Best for use under a Metal Roof.

See our Comparison Chart


(Covers 10 Square)

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