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Closures & Venting.


Mountaintop Enterprises offers a variety of closure and venting material for any type of need. Whether you want to vent your roof, or just close and seal, our products will do the job.



Used under the Ridge Cap, Flovent allows for good venting of the roof, while preventing rain and snow from blowing under. The adhesive on the back of the 10' roll makes Flovent easy and convenent to install.


  • Fits many profiles

  • Increases the longevity of metal roofing

  • Contractor friendly

  • Easy installation with adhesive strip

  • Can be installed on the ridge cap or on the roof

  • Fire retardant & UV stable

Fast Vent


Also applied to the Ridge Cap, Fast Vent is another great way to vent your roof.


  • Made with 2 lb. density, cross-linked polyethylene closure strips as well as venting material similar to FloVent™

  • Comes with pre-applied adhesive

  • Contractor friendly

  • Easy installation

  • Fire retardant & UV stable

Outside & Inside Closures


Outside Closure Strips are an easy and cost effective to close off and seal your roof from blowing snow and rain.


Inside closures are put under the metal roof to seal off the eave from bees or other insects seeking to build a home under your roof.



Emseal is the best way to seal off a Valley or any angle that needs to be sealed on your metal roof. Emseal is applied and then swells up to seal off all the gaps, preventing water backflow or snow and ice buildup. Emseal comes in a 19.6' Roll

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