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Traditional Series (40 Year Warranty)


The symmetrical pattern of our traditional series Metal Roofing creates an attractive board and batten look which is a popular choice for a variety of building applications.  The crisp, clean appearance along with the variety of color options available make it the perfect Metal roofing and metal siding material for architectural, agricultural, industrial, commercial, and residential buildings.  A full line of trims and accessories are available to complete your building project.


Superior Strength - Our Metal Roofing is 38" wide and provides 36" of coverage.  The major ribs are 9" apart and approximately 3/4" high with two minor ribs in between that are a full 3/16" high.  A stiffener is added to all major ribs which along with the superior thickness of the steel makes this panel extremely strong.  This not only adds considerable durability to your building but also prevents rippling during the construction process. 



We use a heavier steel that will not buckle as easily under load. Because of the heavier design, greater snow and wind loads are possible.  


Weathertight Sidelap - The roofing panels which interlock to create the attractive look of the bell top also provide for the weathertight seal. They have a deep anti siphon groove which protects against leakage.


The traditional series metal roofing is available in 15 different colors. See color chart.

Omni Series (50 Year Warranty)


The same profile as the traditional, but with a thicker (27 Ga.) Metal and a superior Paint System to make it last longer. The Omni Series comes with 2 additional colors.

Traditional & Omni Series


Heat Forming™


Why Everlast Heat Forms?  Cracks allow moisture, which is often contaminated by atmospheric pollutants, to penetrate the protective surface of the coating, and cause the substrate to rust or corrode.  In fact, the fractures in the paint can cause a painted panel to corrode at a faster rate than an unpainted panel.  At the point where the paint film has been opened, electrochemical cells are established which will promote greater and faster corrosive attack.  The result is accelerated corrosion at these areas because of their tendency to remain wet longer. 


The photos show how Everlast's Heat Formed™ panel outlasts the competitor's panel.  The Heat Formed™ panel creates a paint system that is more flexible and therefore better able to withstand the rigors of the forming process.  The paint coverage is not compromised and the result is an outstanding barrier protection.  This barrier protection prevents corrosion by isolating the steel from the environment.





Harder Paints 


Heat formed™ hard paints provide a durable and quality finish.  Other manufacturers form hard paints at room temperature which causes the paint to microscopically crack. It is at these cracks that the metal breaks down and deteriorates. 

To prevent those cracks some manufacturers will use softer more pliable paints.  However, soft, pliable paints can scratch very easily; during construction, debris from a storm, walking on it, leaning a ladder against it and even children playing against the metal can cause scratches. 

 Those scratches are harmful and can result in the breakdown and deterioration of the metal.  Everlast's process of using hard paints and heat forming™ ensures a durable surface. 

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